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Gorman is a male character from both Majora's Mask and The Minish Cap.


Majora's Mask

Partially Termina's counterpart of Ingo from Ocarina of Time, along with the two Gorman Brothers. Gorman is the leader of the Gorman Troupe, a traveling group of performers scheduled to perform at the Carnival of Time. The two Gorman Brothers at the Gorman Track on Milk Road are comprised of both his younger and older brothers. Gorman is more civilized than his two criminal brothers and seems to be more kind-hearted than them as well, although he is still rude most of the time when Link talks to him, calling him a bother and saying he's busy. Later on, Gorman is nice to Link though and he always speaks with respect to figures of authority or people he is doing business with.

The Gorman Troupe was scheduled to perform with the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's, at the Carnival of Time, but when Gorman meets with Madame Aroma, the mayor's wife and a person in charge of Carnival activities, he finds out that the band cancelled due to their lead singer losing their voice. Gorman fails to tell the members of the troupe that their act has been canceled until the night of the Second Day, when he informs them of that fact and also tells them they will be leaving the next day. Before then, he can be found drinking at the Milk Bar, lamenting about his decision to quit farm life and join show business. He claims he is only the despised second son of his family. He could never handle horses like his older brother and couldn't care for them like his younger brother. He says it was all for nothing.

When Link gets on stage in the Milk Bar and plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish with the help of Toto, the band manager of the Indigo-Gos, Gorman at first boos the performance. But once the song is completed, Gorman is brought to tears as he remembers that it was him first hearing the older generation of Indigo-Gos play that song that motivated him to join show business so he could meet the singer. Gorman then becomes cheerful and gives Link the Troupe Leader's Mask as he apologizes for booing him.

During the ending credits, the Indigo-Gos are playing at the Milk Bar, as is the Gorman Troupe. Gorman himself can be seen watching the Indigo-Gos perform from behind the counter.

Ballad of the Wind Fish

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If Link walks into the Milk Bar in East Clock Town and walks up to the stage (having first acquired Romani's Mask to gain entrance into the exclusive bar), he can play the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" using all four transformation masks. When the song is complete, Gorman is so moved that he bestows the Troupe Leader's Mask upon Link.

The Minish Cap


Gorman is a property manager in Hyrule Town and his side quest is dependent on fusing kinstones with other characters. After the inn is opened and Link fuses kinstones with Din, Gorman opens up a vacant house in the southeast corner of Hyrule Town for rent. Link can recommend a tenant for this home, but only if they meet Gorman's specifications of being a single lady. Subsequently, fusing kinstones with Bremor, one of Mutoh's carpenters, causes a second building to be constructed, and Gorman happily takes Link's input on a tenant for that home as well.