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This article is about the instrument. For the game, see The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Ocarina of Time
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 時のオカリナ
France Française Ocarina du Temps
Spain Español Ocarina del Tiempo
Germany Deutsch Okarina der Zeit
Italy Italiana Ocarina del Tempo

The Ocarina of Time is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. It is a treasured item passed down by the Royal Family of Hyrule with the ability to alter time and space through music.[1][2] It was created along with the Temple of Time and the Door of Time to prevent those unworthy of touching the Master Sword.

Ocarina of Time

"You found the Ocarina of Time! This is the Royal Family's hidden treasure which Zelda left behind. It glows with a mystical light..."

After Link finds all three Spiritual Stones, he returns to Hyrule Castle Town only to be met by Impa fleeing on horseback, Princess Zelda tucked under her arm. When she sees Link, Zelda throws the Ocarina into the moat. Just as they ride out of sight, Ganondorf emerges from the town drawbridge looking for them.[3] After Link refuses to tell Ganondorf where Zelda fled to, Link swims in the moat to retrieve the Ocarina. Upon doing so, Princess Zelda teaches Link the Song of Time in a vision.

It is the only instrument that can open the Door of Time. While holding the three Spiritual Stones and playing the Song of Time at the altar in the Temple of Time, the Door of Time opens, revealing the Master Sword and the entrance to the Sacred Realm.[4]


Functional Songs
Zelda's Lullaby Proves Link's connection to the Royal Family and has a variety of uses.[5]
Saria's Song Speak with Saria over long distances to get quest advice.[6]
Song of Time Exhibits power over the Door of Time and special blocks found in many dungeons.
Epona's Song Summons Epona.[7]
Sun's Song Changes day into night and vice versa.
Song of Storms When the song is played, it begins to rain. When played again, the rain will end.
Scarecrow's Song Summons Pierre in certain places to be used as a Hookshot target.
Warp Songs
Prelude of Light Warps to the Temple of Time.
Minuet of Forest Warps to the Sacred Forest Meadow just outside the Forest Temple.
Bolero of Fire Warps to Death Mountain Crater just outside the Fire Temple.
Serenade of Water Warps to Lake Hylia just outside the Water Temple.
Nocturne of Shadow Warps to the Graveyard just outside the Shadow Temple.
Requiem of Spirit Warps to the Desert Colossus just outside the Spirit Temple.

Majora's Mask

Link begins the game with the Ocarina of Time, but shortly after, it is stolen by Skull Kid. Link is then transformed into a Deku Scrub and goes around Clock Town looking for Skull Kid. Link learns that Skull Kid is at the top of the Clock Tower. After stunning Skull Kid with a bubble, he can retrieve the Ocarina. After doing so, he recalls the memory of Princess Zelda teaching him the Song of Time.

Alternate Forms

While in a form other than Hylian Link, the instrument changes into one that better suits his new form. On some occasions, the powers of songs only work on one of these instruments.


Functional Songs
Song of Time Returns to the Dawn of the First Day, and allows Link to save the game.
Inverted Song of Time Slows the passage of time.
Song of Double Time Skips to night-time if played during day-time, and vice-versa.
Song of Healing Traps souls into masks, healing their regrets.
Song of Storms Summons rain.
Epona's Song Summons Epona.
Song of Soaring Allows Link to warp to any activated Owl Statue.
Scarecrow's Song Summons the Scarecrow to be used as a Hookshot target.
Access Songs
Sonata of Awakening Used to access Woodfall Temple if played on the Pipes of Awakening.
Goron Lullaby Causes Gorons to fall asleep, if played on the Drums of Sleep, enabling access to Snowhead Temple.
New Wave Bossa Nova If played on the Guitar of Waves it restores Lulu's singing voice and awakens the turtle that takes Link to Great Bay Temple.
Elegy of Emptiness Allows Link to create a statue resembling himself, or his current form, to rest on switches.
Oath to Order Calls the giants to stop the moon from falling.




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