Pocket Egg

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Pocket Egg
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Obtained from


Hatches into Pocket Cucco


The Pocket Egg is the first item in the trading sequence of Ocarina of Time, which grants Link the Biggoron's Sword in the end. Link can start the quest as soon as he becomes an adult. To obtain the Pocket Egg, Link must go and speak with the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village. She tells Link that she has bred a new type of miniature Cucco that does not give her goosebumps. However, her Cucco is not very happy, so she gives Link the Pocket Egg and asks him to take care of the Cucco once it hatches.[1].

In order to continue with the quest, Link must either wait in an area where time goes on normally (such as Hyrule Field or the Death Mountain Trail) or play the Sun's Song. After one night passes[2], the egg hatches into a Pocket Cucco.[3]



  1. "I bred a new type of miniature Cucco! I call it the Pocket Cucco! I don't get goose bumps from this baby. Cuccos are very good at getting lazy, late-risers out of bed. Haven't you heard of them before? It makes them very happy to crow: CUCCKOOOO! especially when it wakes up a very heavy sleeper! However, my Cucco is not entirely happy right now... You..., You look like you're good at handling Cuccos. Here, take this egg. After the Cucco hatches, bring it back to me after a while, and I'll check out its mood." — Cucco Lady, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "You borrowed a Pocket Egg! A Pocket Cucco will hatch from it overnight. Be sure to give it back when you are done with it." — In-Game Description, Ocarina of Time.
  3. "Look! A chicken hatched from the egg you were incubating! It's the miracle of life!" — In-Game Description, Ocarina of Time.