Broken Goron's Sword

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Broken Goron's Sword
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Can be traded for the World's Finest Eye Drops

The Broken Goron's Sword is the seventh item in the Ocarina of Time trading sequence.

Ocarina of Time

The Broken Goron's Sword is given to Link by the Master Craftsman in return for the Poacher's Saw. It must then be delivered to Biggoron for repairing.

First, Link must acquire the Poacher's Saw. He must then bring it to the Master Craftsman, who is on the far side of the Gerudo Valley. If Link hasn't yet rescued the Carpenters, he will have to use either the Longshot or jump with Epona to get there, otherwise the bridge will be already fixed. Speaking to the Master Craftsman will make him request his saw back, and in return he will give Link the Broken Goron's Sword. The next part is simple: Link has to bring the broken sword to Biggoron to fix it. He is located at the top of Death Mountain Trail, near the Death Mountain Crater entrance. If Link goes close enough to the left edge of the platform (which can be reached by climbing the wall after the path with the volcanic rocks falling) a mini-cutscene will be triggered, showing Biggoron standing up. Link will then be able to talk to him. Biggoron will have had his eyes "irrrrrrritated" by the recent eruption, and will not be able to repair the sword.[1] Instead, he will take it for now, and give Link the Prescription for Eye Drops.

Note: If the Fire Temple has been completed and Volvagia defeated, the rocks will not fall on the path before the top of the trail; however, if it hasn't been done, rolling continuously is a very effective way to receive no damage, or very little.



  1. "That broken knife is surely my worrrrrrrrrrk... I really want to repairrrrr it, but... But because of yesterrrrrday's errrrruption, my eyes are irrrrrrrritated... There are fine eyedrops in Zora's Domain... You will find them if you go to see Kinnnnnng Zorrrrrra..." — Biggoron, Ocarina of Time.