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Magic Bean
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Ocarina of Time
Starts at 10 Rupees
Majora's Mask
10 Rupees


Growing magical plants which transport Link short distances

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 魔法のマメ
France Française Haricot Magique
Spain Español Judías Mágicas
Germany Deutsch Wundererbse
Italy Italiana Fagioli Magici

Magic Beans are items first appearing in Ocarina of Time. They allow Link to find shortcuts and even Pieces of Heart. They can only be planted in soft soil locations.[1]


Ocarina of Time

The Magic Beans in Ocarina of Time can only be bought from the Magic Bean Salesman who first starts the price at ten Rupees, but from then on he sells them for ten rupees more than the previous price.[2] There are only ten Magic Beans available in this game; after that, the salesman tells Link that he is sold out.[3] The total cost for all ten beans is 460 Rupees. The plants the beans create are used to find Pieces of Heart, Gold Skulltula Tokens, and shortcuts. Magic Beans only can be planted as Young Link, but only Adult Link can use them, since it takes seven years for the plants to completely grow.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Magic Beans can be bought from not one, but two people. One of them is the Bean Salesman from Ocarina of Time, who can be found in the Deku Palace. He gives Link one sample for free, but he must pay after that.[4]

The other is a Business Scrub found in the Southern Swamp. He at first only sells them only to Deku Scrubs, but after giving him the Land Title Deed, he sells them to anyone in Clock Town.[5][6] However, he refuses to let the client purchase them if they do not understand how the Magic Beans work, so Link must visit the Magic Bean Salesman first.[7]

They cost ten Rupees at both locations.[8][9] Magic Beans can be used to find secrets and are needed to complete the Swamp Spider House. In order to grow a Magic Bean, Link must water it by pouring Hot Spring Water on it or playing the Song of Storms; otherwise, it remains a sprout.[10]



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