Letter to Kafei

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Letter to Kafei
Letter to Kafei from Majora's Mask




To continue the Anju and Kafei quest

The Letter to Kafei is a quest item received in Majora's Mask. It is received during the Anju and Kafei quest from Anju. During the First Day, while searching for Kafei, Anju's fiancé, Anju tells Link to meet her at night in the kitchen. After talking to Anju, she gives Link the letter to put in the postbox that is for her fiancé. Before 9:00 AM, Link puts the letter in the postbox. The Postman will collect the letter and deliver it to Kafei. However, Link can give the Letter to Kafei to ??? for a Piece of Heart, making the Anju and Kafei quest impossible to complete. Also, if Link doesn't put the letter in the postbox, the Anju and Kafei quest will not be able to be completed.