Letter to Mama

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Letter to Mama
Link receiving the Letter to Mama in Majora's Mask




Getting an Empty Bottle and/or the Postman's Hat


The Letter to Mama, also known as Special Delivery Mail or Express Mail, is an item from Majora's Mask. It is the final trade sequence item received during the Anju and Kafei quest from the Man from Curiosity Shop. On the Final Day, Link will come back to the Back Room. Instead of Kafei being there, the Man from Curiosity Shop is there. Link finds out that Kafei has gone to Ikana to get back the Sun's Mask. Kafei leaves the Letter to Mama for Link to give to Madame Aroma, his mother, alongside the Keaton Mask. Two optional events can take place with the Letter to Mama. Link can give the Letter to Mama to Madame Aroma herself at the Milk Bar while wearing Kafei's Mask. Madame Aroma is overjoyed with Link's findings of Kafei and gives Link an Empty Bottle. If Link has already obtained the Empty Bottle, he will receive a Purple Rupee. However, Link can give the letter to the Postman. The Postman will deliver the letter to Madame Aroma. She is wondering why he is still in Clock Town, so Madame Aroma tells the Postman to flee. The Postman stands outside the gate to East Termina and gives Link the Postman's Hat and flees Clock Town.