Shadow Medallion

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"You received the Shadow Medallion! Impa awakens as a Sage and adds her power to yours!"

— N/A

The Shadow Medallion is the fifth of the six Medallions Link receives in Ocarina of Time. He gets this Medallion after completing the Shadow Temple. Once Link defeats Bongo Bongo, the Sage of Shadow, Impa, awakens and tells Link about the fall of the Royal Family of Hyrule seven years ago and how Link will soon meet face-to-face with Princess Zelda.[1][2][3][4] Afterwards, she awards Link with the Shadow Medallion and tells Link to protect and look out for Zelda.[5][6] After Link gets the Shadow Medallion, he proceeds to Gerudo Valley to obtain the last Medallion, the Spirit Medallion.


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  2. "We Sheikah have served the royalty of Hyrule from generation to generation as attendants. However... On that day seven years ago, Ganondorf suddenly attacked... and Hyrule Castle surrendered after a short time. Ganondorf's target was one of the keys to the Sacred Realm...the hidden treasure of the Royal Family...The Ocarina of Time! My duty bound me to take Zelda out of Ganondorf's reach. When last I saw you, as we made our escape from the castle, you were just a lad... Now I see that you have become a fine hero..." — Impa, Ocarina of Time.
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