Great Fairy's Sword

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Great Fairy's Sword
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Weapon used to damage enemies


The Great Fairy's Sword is a weapon Link can wield in Majora's Mask. It is the most powerful sword he can find in the game, and is given by the Great Fairy of Kindness in Ikana Canyon. To earn the sword, Link must seek out and collect the fifteen missing Stray Fairies inside Stone Tower Temple so that they can be returned to their fountain.

Unlike the other swords in the game, the Great Fairy's Sword is so large that Link requires the use of both hands in order to wield it, similarly to Biggoron's Sword in Ocarina of Time. However, because Majora's Mask does not allow Link to swap between different pieces of equipment, the Great Fairy's Sword acts as an item that can be assigned to one of the three C-buttons, rather than a permanent replacement for the Kokiri Sword and its upgrades and, by extension, a constant hindrance to the use of the Mirror Shield. Because of this setup, Link is additionally able to use the Great Fairy's Sword even after being cursed by a Blue Bubble.