Great Fairy's Sword

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Great Fairy's Sword
Great Fairy Sword.png




Weapon used to damage enemies


The Great Fairy's Sword is the strongest blade in the game, rivaled only by the Double Helix Sword that Fierce Deity Link wields. Both weapons deal four times as much damage as the Kokiri Sword. Its design features etched black roses on the blade on a green background. The sword has a purple-red-black-green hue that is consistent throughout the blade and the handle. Unlike other swords, the Great Fairy's Sword is used as a C-button item because if it were to replace Link's current sword, Link will be unable to use his shield for defending and puzzle-solving.

Obtaining the Great Fairy's Sword

Stone Tower Temple, the fourth dungeon in the game, houses fifteen Stray Fairies that Link can collect using the Great Fairy's Mask. If all fifteen are found, Link can proceed to the Great Fairy of Kindness in the Fairy Fountain in Ikana Canyon. The sword is the final reward for finding all the Stray Fairies in a dungeon.