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Stray Fairies are small fairies that often appear in different colors. They appear in Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages and Four Swords.


Majora's Mask

Stray Fairies are used to bring back the Great Fairy to her true form. Skull Kid once broke the Great Fairy apart and scattered her pieces all around the land. There are many different Great Fairies, and Link helps them all to bring their pieces together forming to their true form. In Clock Town, there are two Stray Fairies depending on whether it is night or day; one in the Laundry Pool can be found during the day but is absent at night, and one in East Clock Town can be caught by using the Deku Flower near the Inn. This fairy is available only at night. If Link brings one of them to the Great Fairy who lives in North Clock Town, she gifts Link with Magic Power. If Link brings another one to her, she rewards Link with the Great Fairy's Mask. The first fairy needs to be brought to her in Deku form, but the second one can be recovered in Hylian form anytime after Link is cured from his original state. There are Great Fairies who live near the four dungeons, and their pieces are hidden inside the dungeons. Link can easily get the Stray Fairies to come to him by using Great Fairy's Mask. 15 Stray Fairies need to be collected and given to the Great Fairy in order to be rewarded with a gift.

Oracle of Ages

Four Swords

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