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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Soul Calibur II
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Nintendo GameCube
Playstation 2

United States August 27, 2003




Soul Calibur II is a fighting game developed by Namco. It is the third title in the Soul Series. It is the first to feature guest characters, the Nintendo GameCube version features Link.


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The game takes place in Europe in the Dark Ages. Many warriors seek the blade, Soul Edge, for various reasons. Some seek to wield it, others seek to destroy it. Each warrior has found a shard of the blade and is gathering to restore the blade to its former glory. Nightmare, who wields the largest portion of Soul Edge, has taken up residence in Ostreinsburg, Germany.

The game features a Weapons Master mode, which is a stage-by-stage Story mode. It has occasional story sections, but for the most part is simply battles. The story is roughly the player has arrived to seek Soul Edge and travels across Europe, meeting a stranger who also seeks Soul Edge, who assists them. They part ways for a while and eventually find each other for the final showdown with Inferno, who wields Soul Edge.

Link seeks Soul Edge because of a Wizard who was causing chaos in Hyrule. After defeating the wizard, and finding that the disruptions did not cease, he traveled to Europe after learning that Soul Edge was the cause of it all.


The Armos Series

The game features several unlockable weapons, purchased while playing in the Weapons Master mode. Each location through Europe has a shop featuring unique items. A few notable locations sell unique outfits, battle demonstrations, etc.

Link's weapons are as follows: