Magical Shield

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Magical Shield
Artwork from The Legend of Zelda




90 to 160 Rupees


Defending Link from magical projectiles and spells


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 マジカルシールド
France Française Bouclier magique
Netherlands Nederlands Magisch schild

The Magical Shield is a recurring Item in The Legend of Zelda series.


The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, the Magical Shield can be purchased from various Item Shops around Hyrule, for a price of 90-160 Rupees depending on the Shop. It is an upgrade over the regular Shield that Link uses, having the ability to block fire and magic-based projectiles that the previous Shield could not. However, if Link is swallowed by a Like Like, it will eat the Magical Shield if he doesn't break free in time, forcing Link to use the regular Shield until he can buy another one.

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, Link begins the game with the Magical Shield, having kept it following the events of the previous game. It is Link's main shield, and allows him to defend while crouching down to evade projectiles and other weapons.

Other appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

The Legend of Zelda (TV Series)

In The Legend of Zelda TV series, the Magical Shield is the primary shield used by Link. Like his other Items, the Magical Shield can magically change size, enabling Link to store it in his pocket whenever he isn't using it. Despite Link always using a shield in the original game, he only uses the Magical Shield in four episodes; "The Ringer", "Underworld Connections", "Hitch in the Works", and "The Missing Link". As shown when Link is fighting the Dragon, the Magical Shield is capable of blocking both fire and magic-based attacks. Princess Zelda also uses the Magical Shield in "The Missing Link", to defend herself from Moblins while she rushes to get the Triforce of Wisdom.

Link is also seen using the Magical Shield as a makeshift skateboard on two separate occasions; In "Underworld Connections", Link uses it to surf through fire and get himself and Zelda out of the Underworld, while in "Hitch in the Works", Link lights a Bomb, and jumps on the Magical Shield as if it were a board - the explosion launches him out of Hyrule Castle, enabling Link to catch up with the Moblins that have abducted Zelda.

Captain N: The Game Master

In Captain N: The Game Master, the Magical Shield is the primary shield that Link uses. In "Quest for the Potion Power", the Magical Shield is used to defeat Ganon; Kevin pours the contents of the Bottle of Magic onto the shield, enabling Link to cast a Reflect Spell that counters Ganon's firebeam and defeats him.

BS The Legend of Zelda

Magical Shield sprite from BS The Legend of Zelda

As in the original game, in BS The Legend of Zelda the Magical Shield can be bought from Item Shops. While the price varies, the Starting Screen cave Old Man casts a spell on merchants to temporarily reduce the price of all shop items, including Magical Shields, to half price between 20 & 28 minutes into Week 2 and between 10 & 20 minutes into Week 4. If it is eaten by a Like Like, the hero reverts to their original shield.

Zelda's Adventure

In Zelda's Adventure, the Magical Shield can be purchased from the Forest Trader in the Forest of Ogbam for 500 Rupees. It is the main shield that Zelda uses; While she is standing still and not attacking, the Magical Shield automatically blocks incoming projectiles from the front.

SoulCalibur II

"Good at penetrating defenses, but weak against impact."

— Character Profile description, SoulCalibur II

In SoulCalibur II, the Magical Shield (called the Magic Shield in this game) is one of the weapons that Link can use, paired with the Magical Sword. It can be obtained in the Weapon Master Mode, by purchasing it from the Aldebaran Shop, Algol Shop, Pollux Shop, or Merak Shop for 3,000 Gold. When equipped, it is paired with the Magical Shield. The sword deals 40% chip damage to blocking opponents, compared to the normal 10%, but the shield is weaker against physical impact.

Its design is loosely based on the Magical Sword from the instruction booklet for The Legend of Zelda, which can be seen in the blue and red grip. It also incorporates the Triforce design on the cross-guard, as introduced in The Adventure of Link.

Weapon Cost (Gold) Attributes Description
Magic Sword & Magic Shield
3,000 Causes 40% block damage
Weak against physical impact
Ancient arms hidden deep in an underground tomb. This powerful sword holds an enchantment that counters the forces of darkness, and its holy aura allows it to deliver damage to the enemy even without making physical contact. The shield is enchanted with a spell that protects its user from enemy magic, but the actual shield itself is quite old and is weak against physical impact.