Magical Shield

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Magical Shield
Artwork from The Legend of Zelda




90 to 160 Rupees


Defends Link from magical projectiles and spells


The Magical Shield is a recurring Shield in The Legend of Zelda series, having appeared in the first two games of the series.


The Legend of Zelda

The Magical Shield is the second, and best, shield available in The Legend of Zelda. It can be bought from any of the Item Shops that can be found across Hyrule. The price varies, from 160 Rupees to 130 Rupees to 90 Rupees. It blocks projectiles that were previously unblockable by the Wooden Shield. The Magical Shield can be swallowed by a Like Like if they attack Link and he does not break free in time. If Link does not break free in time, he will be forced to purchase a new one.

The Adventure of Link

According to the story, Link had a magical shield with him throughout his adventure. Link could "defend" by crouching down to avoid projectiles and other weapons. The artwork of Link's shield does depict the cross pattern on it.

Soulcalibur II

Magic Shield model from Soulcalibur II

"Good at penetrating defenses, but weak against impact."

— Character Profile description of the Magic Sword set

The Magic Shield [sic] is one of Link's weapons in Soulcalibur II, paired with the Magic Sword.

Unlike the Magic Sword, although the Weapon Gallery blurb references The Legend of Zelda, it takes no visual cues from any sprites or art related to the Magical Shield in that game. Instead, it is a new design created with reference to the Magic Sword as seen in Soulcalibur II, itself based on art from the LOZ Instruction Booklet.