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This article is about the princess from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. For other versions of the character, see Zelda.
Princess Zelda
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Art of Young & Adult Zelda from Ocarina of Time


Princess of Hyrule
Seventh Sage




Member of






Sheik (alter ego)
King of Hyrule (father)



Princess Zelda is the daughter of the King of Hyrule and heir presumptive to the throne of Hyrule from Ocarina of Time.

She is also known as Sheik.

Ocarina of Time

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The Prophecy

One day, princess Zelda awakens from a dream. In her dream, she sees dark clouds in the sky, covering Hyrule in darkness, but then a light shot out of the forest, cleared the sky, and a figure appeared. It turned into a person, holding a stone, and followed by a fairy. Since she had studied prophecies, she thought somebody would come from a forest with a stone and a fairy and take down some kind of evil form just as in her dream.

When Zelda tells her father, he doesn't believe her, but her servant, Impa, the last Sheikah, does, and so tries to protect her. Then, a man from the desert named Ganondorf visits the king. Zelda believes that this man is the evil darkness that surrounded Hyrule in her dream. She tried to warn her father, but he doesn't believe her, so he sends her out of the room so he can talk privately with the Gerudo king. She goes into the garden and looks inside one of the windows to the Throne Room, where her father and Ganondorf are, and spies on them.


Link goes through the castle guards and into the garden where he meets Zelda. She notices that Link is wearing green clothes, like the light, and has a fairy. When she finds out that he is from the Kokiri Forest and has a green stone identical to the one in her dream, she realizes that he is the boy from her dreams. She tells him of her dream, Ganondorf, and the legend of the Triforce. The Triforce can grant a wish to anyone who obtains it, but to get it you need four things: the 3 Spiritual Stones, one which Link has; and the Ocarina of Time, which Zelda has. Using these in the Temple of Time opens the Door of Time which leads to the Sacred Realm, where the Triforce is hidden. She believes that Ganondorf wants the Triforce for himself. She tells Link to find the other Stones so they can beat Ganondorf. He is led out by Impa, and Zelda waits for him to return.

The Mistake

By the time Link found the third stone, Zelda couldn't wait much longer. She went to the Temple of Time, and (somehow) made some kind of vision for Link so that when he grabs the Ocarina he learns the Song of Time. With Impa, she flees Hyrule Castle Town, followed by Ganondorf. On her way out, she passes Link. She throws him the Ocarina of Time, but she misses and it lands in the moat. She hopes that he will open the Door of Time and stop Ganondorf.

The following morning, Zelda notices the Triforce of Wisdom on her hand. She remembered part of the legend that she forgot to tell Link. When a person with an unbalanced heart makes a wish on the Triforce, it splits in 3. The part that mostly represents that person will go to him/her, and the other 2 will go to 2 other people who are worthy of using it. She believes that Ganondorf got the Triforce after Link opened the door, made his wish, and got the Triforce of Power, while Zelda got the Triforce of Wisdom.

For the next 7 years, Zelda trains to become a Sheikah, and goes as far as to change her name to Sheik. She passes herself off as a male so that Ganondorf doesn't recognize her. She/he waits until Link returns, who is trapped between time until he is old enough to use the Master Sword (which led to the Sacred Realm), and becomes the Hero of Time.

The Future

Seven years later, Link appears on the Pedestal of Time, all grown up and equipped with the Master Sword. Sheik appears before him, and tells him who he is, where the other sages are located, and where to get a useful item for the first dungeon. Sheik appears later in the game to teach Link the last 6 Ocarina Songs right before each dungeon: Minuet of Forest, Bolero of Fire, Serenade of Water, Nocturne of Shadow, Requiem of Spirit, and Prelude of Light (the last one is not taught before a dungeon). Sheik appears several other times throughout the game: at the Temple of Time, after the Forest Temple, where he tells Link how to go back to the past, how to fight beaten bosses again (3DS version), and teaches him the Prelude of Light; at Lake Hylia, right after the Water Temple, where he witnesses the lake's restoration and speaks with Link for a few seconds; and at Kakariko Village, a bit after the Water Temple, where he tries to fight the Evil Spirit of Bongo Bongo sealed inside the well, and teaches Link the Nocturne of Shadows.

After all 6 sages are safe, Link goes back to the Temple of Time and finds Sheik waiting for him. He tells him about the legend where the Triforce separates during the wish, and that Ganondorf has the Triforce Power, Sheik has Wisdom, and Link has Courage. He also finally reveals himself to be Princess Zelda, and that she was hiding from Ganondorf by changing her appearance while she waited for Link. During this conversation, Ganondorf took this chance of capturing Zelda and lures Link into his castle.

Link goes to Ganon's Castle to get Zelda back. When Link enters the room, all 3 pieces of the Triforce resonate, which Ganondorf explains is due to the fact that the pieces are in the same room, and so he starts a fierce battle with Link. When beaten, Ganondorf uses the last of his power to destroy the castle with Link inside. Zelda and Link only get a few seconds to talk before the castle starts to implode. After leaving the castle, they watch as it crumbles down on itself. All of a sudden Zelda hears a sound from the rubble. Link checks if Ganondorf survived the destruction and sees Ganondorf fly out of the rubble, enraged and quickly turns into his pig form Ganon. He makes a fire fence blocking Link from Zelda and the exit, and knocks Link's sword outside of the arena next to Zelda. After Link stuns Ganon the fire fence vanishes, allowing him to get back the Master Sword, and beats Ganon. Zelda holds Ganon in place with magic so Link can deliver the final blow. Shortly after, Zelda calls upon the sages to seal him away to the "void of the Evil Realm," as Rauru states.

Zelda has a quick conversation with Link, telling him how she is sorry she dragged him into this mess, which is all her fault. She makes the choice of sending Link back to the past so he can get his childhood back, so she asks for the Ocarina of Time and plays Zelda's Lullaby, which sends Link back to the past. Link realizes that he is right at the time before he met Zelda, meaning she doesn't know him yet, the people he helped got their problems back, and Ganondorf is still free to walk around wherever he likes. The last scene of the game is Link meeting Zelda for the first time... again.

Majora's Mask

Zelda does not have an important role in Majora's Mask. She is only seen once, in a cutscene early in the game. After retrieving the Ocarina of Time from Skull Kid, Link remembers meeting Zelda in Ocarina of Time. Link is standing with Zelda and his horse Epona while Zelda teaches him the Song of Time.


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