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Amy is one of the four Poe Sisters in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask and a mini-boss in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Link encounters Amy as the third Poe Sister within the Forest Temple. Once Link enters the room with Amy, he may notice five shadows on the floor, which correspond to blocks that are hanging from the ceiling. Like the previous two Poe Sisters, Joelle and Beth, Link first needs to shoot the painting with his Fairy Bow. This causes the painting to burn and the five blocks descend on to the ground. Link can then push the blocks to piece the puzzle together. The middle block is completely useless and should be pushed out of the way immediately. Link can then push the remaining four blocks so that it forms an image of Amy, causing her to appear.

There is a time limit while Link is pushing the blocks and if he fails to put the puzzle together within the 1 minute that is allocated, the blocks begins to rotate, forcing Link to restart the puzzle. This usually makes the puzzle even more difficult and the best strategy is simply to leave the room and then re-enter to reset the puzzle.

Once Amy appears, the battle is identical to the previous battles with both Joelle and Beth. She cannot be harmed while she is invisible, so be sure to stay on the defense. Use your shield to block her attack, causing her to re-appear and then deliver strikes with your Sword. You can also use either the Fairy Bow or the Hookshot to do some damage. Once she is defeated, a green flame relights on one of the torches near the elevator in the main room. With the first three lights all lit, this triggers the battle with the fourth Poe sister, Meg.


Amy - one of the Poe sisters
Aim for her when she appears!

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Amy can be found within the Spirit House, located in a cave at the northwest portion of Ikana Canyon. The Spirit House is a mini-game that costs 30 Rupees to play. However, if Link plays the Song of Healing, the Poe Collector drops the price to 10 Rupees.

Once the game begins, Link battles with the four Poe Sisters, with Amy being the first to appear. This is a timed challenge with Link only having 3 minutes to complete it. Amy utilizes the same attack pattern as in Ocarina of Time, namely a hover and charge attack. If Link has the Gilded Sword, he can defeat Amy with a single Jump Attack. After defeating Amy and her three sister within the time limit, Link is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.


It's Amy, youngest of the four
ghost sisters. Target her when
she appears! You got that?

Oracle of Seasons


In Oracle of Seasons, there are two unnamed Poe Sisters that appear as the mini-bosses of the Explorer's Crypt. In the Japanese version of the game, the two sisters are named Margaret and Amy. The names are likely used as they are similar to Meg and Amy, two of the Poe Sisters. Amy uses a sword and charges towards Link. She is first seen early very early in the dungeon when she casts a spell within particular rooms. If Link takes too long to leave the room, he is sent back to the dungeon's entrance. In the next room, Link battles with Amy.

Amy is later seen in the same room as Margaret and Link battle the two simultaneously. There are multiple torches in this room and Link needs to keep the torches lit using Ember Seeds while he battles Amy and Margaret. The two Poes serve as the mini-boss and once they have been defeated, a portal appears allowing Link to quickly reach the dungeons entrance.


  • Amy, along with her sisters Meg, Joelle, and Beth are named after the four sisters that appear in the novel, Little Women.