Carnivorous Lily Pad

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This name is conjectural, decided by fans in lieu of an official source.
Carnivorous Lily Pad
CarnivorousLily Pad-MM.png




Carnivorous Lily Pads are unnamed enemies from Majora's Mask.

Carnivorous Lily Pads are large, Venus fly trap-like enemies that can be found floating on the poisonous water in the Woodfall Temple. They act just like lily pads, so Link can use them as a platform to get to the opposite side of the room that he wants to proceed in.

These enemies will gobble Link up if he steps on them in his Hylian form. However, they ignore Link if he goes on them in his Deku Link form. To kill these enemies, simply feed it with a Bomb or step on them in the Goron Link form. Once they have been defeated, they become a harmless platform. Because of this, they are not much of a threat.

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