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Desbreko are enemies from Majora's Mask. They are a larger and more ferocious version of Skullfish that are found in the Great Bay region.

Majora's Mask

Desbreko are often found right alongside their Skullfish brethren. If Link does happen to defeat a Desbreko while Skullfish are around, all of the Skullfish will also be defeated. Unlike most enemies in the game, a Desbreko won't immediately disintegrate once defeated. Instead it will begin to float up towards the surface before eventually doing so.

Desbreko will move around within the water and once they spot Link, they will quickly swim over and try to cause harm. Desbreko often attack in groups, along with smaller Skullfish.

There are a few ways to kill these pesky enemies and it is most safe to do from the surface if possible. From here, Link can use the Hookshot, shoot it with an Arrow, or Zora Link's Boomerangs. While in the water, Zora Link can defeat a Desbreko using the Electrical Barrier attack.


It's a Desbreko.
Once it bites you, it's not gonna
want to let go. I haaaate this


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Desbreko are known as Death Pleco, which comes from Plecostomus, which are freshwater fish that are sometimes referred to as suckermouth fish.
  • The guitar that Mikau uses, known as the Guitar of Waves, resembles a Desbreko.

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