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It said that it's a Garo...
Just concentrate on blocking and
dodging those sharp swords!

Garos, or Garo Robes,[1] are enemies that appear in Majora's Mask. They are a race of ninja sentries that appear out of what seems to be thin air, being shells of spies originating from an enemy nation outside of Termina.[2] They can be found in Ikana Canyon, where they pop up in specific areas that Tatl alerts Link of. This race of enemy wear long robes and use two sharp blades as their primary form of attack. Due to their swift nature, they can be very tricky to strike and dodge.


Link first encounters this enemy while trying to rid Ikana Canyon of the evil spirits that wander the cursed grounds. When Link navigates his way around the canyon, Tatl alerts the young hero of a presence.[3] Link can don the Garo's Mask to make the hidden enemy appear.[4] They, at first, see Link as their master,[5] however they soon realize that this is not the case, as they question who Link is and then proceed to attack him instead.[6] Link must block the Garo's swift sword attacks and then strike while they're vulnerable. The Garo then surrenders and gives Link a specific hint regarding his progress within the region.[7] The mysterious enemy then seemingly disappears into obscurity. Depending on the specific spot, each Garo gives Link a different hint about the region.



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