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Gerudo Pirate
Render from Majora's Mask





The pirate found you!
Use Z targeting and look for your
chance. You're caught if you don't

Gerudo Pirates are an all-female group of pirates who inhabit the Great Bay area of Majora's Mask. They are identical in appearance to the Gerudo Thieves from the Gerudo Valley area of Ocarina of Time. In Majora's Mask, they have stolen Zora Eggs from Lulu, meaning that Link must infiltrate the Pirates' Fortress to retrieve the eggs and return them to the Professor in the Marine Research Lab in order for Link to learn New Wave Bossa Nova.

The Gerudo Pirates throw Link out of the Pirates' Fortress if they catch sight of him. They can be stunned with arrows, making it easier to navigate through the fortress undetected. Link can also use the Stone Mask to completely hide his presence from the guards.

In addition to the regular patrolling Gerudo Pirates, Link encounters three Gerudo Guards that are not fooled by the Stone Mask. These are mini-bosses that need to be defeated to proceed. They are found in three separate rooms as Link progresses.

The beehive in the main room of the fortress can be shot down with an arrow, after which the bees chase the pirates out of the room.