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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 スタルベビー (Stalbaby)
France Française Sakdoss
Spain Español Stalchild
Germany Deutsch Knochengänger (Bonewalker)
Italy Italiana Stalfosso

Stalchildren are small skeletons that appear in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. They are not much of a threat alone, but they can be a nuisance to Link when they attack in groups like they usually do.


Ocarina of Time


Don't be afraid of the Stalchild!
Just attack it repeatedly!

In Ocarina of Time, Stalchildren come up from the ground at night in Hyrule Field when Link is a child. They attack by swinging small punches at Link. They attack in pairs; if Link defeats one of them, another one appears after awhile. They wear a military kilt, and have long, sharp red nails. Two slashes with the Sword defeat them. They deal a quarter of damage to Link. If Link slashes them horizontally, their heads fall off. If Link stays on the dirt path, or wears the Bunny Hood, they will not come up from the ground and attack him. If Link defeats ten Stalchildren, a large one appears, which drops a Blue Rupee when defeated, and if Link defeats twenty Stalchildren, a gigantic one appears, which drops three Red Rupees when defeated.

Majora's Mask


It's a Stalchild. They were the
cursed soldiers of the Kingdom of
Ikana...What are you gonna do?

In Majora's Mask, Stalchildren are found in Ikana Graveyard and the Oceanside Spider House. They attack like they do in Ocarina of Time. They can be spoken and given orders to with the Captain's Hat. They are the loyal fallen soldiers of the Ikana Royal Family. Their leader is Captain Keeta, who can be found unawakened at the back of Ikana Graveyard. They can be found in Ikana Graveyard during the night. Two Stalchildren sit around a fire, one Stalchild swings on a tree branch, and three Stalchildren walk around a grave. The three Stalchildren closely guard a different grave each day. If Link speaks to one of the three Stalchildren while wearing the Captain's Hat, he gets mistaken for Captain Keeta, so he can order them to open up the grave to access Beneath the Graveyard. There are six Stalchildren in the Oceanside Spider House, none of whom seem to attack Link even without the Captain's Hat on. Two Stalchildren are found in the library room, while four Stalchildren are found in the conference room. They give Link hints as to which order he should shoot the ceremonial masks to open the gate leading into a room with a Treasure Chest that contains a Piece of Heart.

Twilight Princess

Main article: Stalkin

In Twilight Princess, there is an enemy that is very similar to the Stalchidren, called Stalkin.