Bio Deku Baba

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 バイオデクババ (Bio Deku Baba)
France Française Plante Mojo Aquatique (Aquatic Mojo Plant)
Spain Español Bio Baba Deku (Bio Deku Baba)
Germany Deutsch Bio-Dekuranha (Bio Dekuranha)

Bio Deku Baba...
Just calm down and aim carefully!
And don't blame me if one hit
doesn't get rid of it!

Bio Deku Babas are a variant of Deku Babas from Majora's Mask.[1]

Majora's Mask

Bio Deku Babas can be found throughout the aquatic areas of Termina in the Great Bay Temple, a Secret Grotto in Termina Field, and in the Stone Tower Temple while it is not upside down. In the Great Bay Temple and the Secret Grotto, the Bio Deku Babas hang on the bottom of lily pads while they do not in the Stone Tower Temple. When one of these enemies are attached to a lily pad, Link can be damaged if he attempts to stand on the lily pad because the Baba flips and damages him. If Link uses his boomerangs as a Zora or other projectiles to cut the vine, the Bio Deku Babas do not die from being disconnected from the lily pad like the Baba Serpents in Twilight Princess. Instead, they reveal their yellow eyes and use their other two feet-like vines to quickly crawl around the floor on land or underwater. While they remain still in water if Link is not near them, the Bio Deku Babas attack him once he is close to them. When he is underwater, Link can use his shield as a Zora to block the Baba's attacks and use his boomerangs to attack their heads. When he is on land, he can use his sword or other items to defeat the Bio Deku Babas.

However, if Link can hit the head of the Bio Deku Baba instead of their vine by using the Zora's electric shield or projectile weapons, they do not fall into the water but die.