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In Majora's Mask, Mikau is one of the three spirits of Link's transformation masks, specifically belonging to the Zora Mask. He belongs in a band in Great Bay called The Indigo-Go's. Mikau's girlfriend is Lulu (Vocals) and his band consists of Evan (Piano), Japas (Bass Guitar), Mikau (Guitar), and Tijo (Drums).


When Lulu's eggs are stolen by the Gerudo Pirates, Mikau pursues the Pirates to recover and find the eggs. He infiltrates their Fortress and gets caught and tortured. Tossed into ocean, he drifts through Great Bay until Link finds him and pushes his body to shore. With his dying breath, Mikau tells Link about Lulu's eggs and asks Link to construct his grave. By playing the Song of Healing, Link can help Mikau pass on and receives the Zora Mask.

Mikau's Grave

"Herein lies Mikau, the legendary guitarist of the Zora tribe. He is to be remembered in song, and his lyrics are written here." "We the Zora" Sharp fins are the mark of the Zora. We swim speeding through the seas with A and the control stick. If R is pressed when swimming a shield is produced to deflect enemies. (spoken) "If you have magic." We can even dive by pressing B! Oh-Oh... We the Zora. "Zora Fight Song" For my punch of anger, hit B. Press B repeatedly for a flurry of attacks! Yeah, Yeah! For my deadly move, press and hold B. Now release! It's the final blow. My double cutters!