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Buyer (Ocarina of Time Counterpart)

The Banker is a character who appears in Majora's Mask. He resides in West Clock Town in the original version of Majora's Mask, or South Clock Town in Majora's Mask 3D. In both cases, he operates the Clock Town Bank.

The Terminian counterpart of a man in Ocarina of Time who buys bottled items. The Banker can be seen sitting on a desk in front of the vault. He is very enthusiastic, patting the ground constantly and exclaiming when large amounts of money are deposited. He seems to be a strong advocate of banking, criticizing people for not depositing rupees and constantly suggesting that people spend their money wisely.

When Link meets the Banker during the events of Majora's Mask, he tells Link about a special deal he is doing for a limited time to promote depositing in which people will receive gifts depending on how many rupees they deposit.[1] The Banker will award Link several items for depositing large amounts of rupees throughout the game. He stamps Link with his special, invisible ink to remember him, somehow recognizing Link and the amount he has deposited even after multiple trips through time.[2][3] The Banker also charges Link for night-time withdrawals, but does award him interest when he collects large amounts of rupees.




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