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Tijo is a character from Majora's Mask. He is the drummer in the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's. He shares a room with his band partner, Mikau.[1] One time, Tijo tried to climb up Mikau's ladder, but he broke it and promised Link he would go on a diet because of his weight.[2][3]


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Tijo reveals to Link that he has made a connection between the latest problems in Great Bay and singer Lulu's strange behavior as of late.[4][5] According to the legend, when problems affect the Great Bay Temple, the descendant of the Zora intended to protect the temple also is affected in a negative way. He seems to take the conclusion that Lulu is the protector in question.[6]


  • If Link walks into his room, Tijo will play the cave theme from A Link to the Past with his drums.
  • Whenever Link enters Tijo and Mikau's room in any form other than Zora Link, Tijo shows concern and frustration for the band-mates privacy.[7][8]


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