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Pamela is a young female character from Majora's Mask. She moved from Clock Town to Ikana Canyon with her father, as he wanted to progress with his research in the supernatural. His search for further information lead him to the Gibdos, and uncovering a new song. The song Farewell to Gibdos is used to keep away said creatures, preventing them from treading anywhere near Pamela's house.

Concerned for her father, she protects him from the Gibdos, and thus decides to never let anyone in her house. When Link plays the Song of Storms inside the Spring Water Cave, the water there will stream out through the empty river and the Music Box will start and play the song, Farewell to Gibdos. Because of this, the Gibdos vacate Ikana Canyon. Pamela will sense something happened, and will open the door and walk outside. If Link wears the Stone Mask, Pamela is not able to see him, so Link can then sneak into the house. When Link goes into the basement, Pamela's Father will just out of the closet and approach Link. If Link plays the Song of Healing, Pamela's father will return to normal, and Pamela will run inside and hug him, saying that it was all just a nightmare. After this interaction, Link will obtain the Gibdo Mask.