Farewell to Gibdos

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Farewell to Gibdos



Drives away Gibdos

Farewell to Gibdos is a song in Majora's Mask. Unlike the other songs in the game, Link cannot access its powers by playing it on the Ocarina of Time; instead, it is heard from the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon. It scares away Gibdos.[1]


When Link first enters the canyon, the Music Box House is surrounded by Gibdos. If Link tries to open the door, Pamela thinks he is a Gibdo and refuses to let him in.[2] After learning the Song of Storms from Flat in the Ikana Graveyard, Link heads to the Spring Water Cave at the top of the canyon and meets Sharp. When Link plays the Song of Storms for him, Sharp remembers his brother and frees the spring from the curse.[3][4] When the water begins flowing again, the waterwheel on the Music Box House turns, and Farewell to Gibdos starts to play. The Gibdos surrounding the house sink into the ground as a result of the curse.

Sharp thanks Link and asks him to visit the king and the Stone Tower Temple.[5]

A Garo tells Link that Pamela leaves her house every two minutes, but only after the Gibdos are gone.[6] When Link heads down to the Music Box House after his confrontation with Sharp, he finds Pamela. If she sees him, she runs back inside. Link can use the Stone Mask to walk in undetected or the Blast Mask or a Bomb to catch her attention and sneak past her. Inside, Link finds Pamela's Father, who was cursed into the form of a Gibdo. Link saves him by playing the Song of Healing.

Pamela's father later describes Farewell to Gibdos to Link. He claims that he discovered the song as a result of his research of the creatures.[7]


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