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Don Gero's Frog Choir is a group of five Frogs in Majora's Mask that are initially separated. The leader of the choir, Don Gero, passed away quite some time before the events of Majora's Mask. The five can only be reunited if Link dons Don Gero's Mask and talks to each of one of them, who are spread out throughout the land of Termina.

Piece of Heart

Link can use the Don Gero's Mask to obtain a Piece of Heart.

Location: Mountain Village

After killing Goht, Spring arrives in Snowhead. At the lake in Mountain Village (where the Smiths are) there are some lily pads and a lone frog. We have to find the other four frogs and bring them here by talking to them with the Don Gero's Mask on. When that is done, return here and talk to them using the mask to receive a Piece of Heart.

  1. The first one is already in the lake in Mountain Village in spring (when the Snowhead Temple boss is defeated).
  2. Waiting in the Laundry Pool of Clock Town.
  3. On a log in Southern Swamp when you're heading towards the Deku Palace in the non-poison water.
  4. Defeat Gekko in the Woodfall Temple.
  5. Defeat Gekko in the Great Bay Temple.