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Goht from Majora's Mask


Masked Mechanical Monster





Masked Mechanical Monster: Goht, commonly referred to as simply Goht, is the Boss of Snowhead Temple, the second Dungeon in Majora's Mask. When Link enters his room, he is frozen in a large block of ice. Using a Fire Arrow melts the ice and initiates the battle. Goht has many different attacks, including a thunder bolt, bombs, falling rocks and pillars and a blue energy ball. Making direct contact with him also causes damage.

To defeat him, Link has to transform into a Goron using the Goron Mask and spike roll into Goht. Link then has the choice of either demolishing him as a spiked ball of Goron death or transforming back into a human to slash him while he is down. After taking about half his health away, spikes start dropping from the ceiling. Goht starts kicking up massive clods of dirt and dropping Bombs when he is close to death. The spikes do not hurt Link, but they do stop him from rolling if they hit him. There are Magic Jars all around the room which replenish Magic Power, so there is never any danger of running out of Magic Power.

Other methods of defeating Goht simply require Bombs or Arrows. Goht continues to run around the room passing by if Link stands at the entrance. The longest but possibly safest method of defeating Goht is to simply shoot any type of Arrow as he passes by the entrance whether it be fire, normal, or an ice or light if Link fights him later on. Possibly the shortest method is to throw a Bomb while he runs by. If the Bomb hits him correctly, he becomes stunned thus falling down and stopping. At this point, Link is allowed to slash him with the Sword. This method leaves him dead anywhere from three to six times faster depending on how quickly Link slashes him in his stunned state. If Link feels daring, he should try using the Blast Mask when he gets near, as it has the same effectiveness as the Bombs.

Defeating this monster yields Link his remains and a Heart Container and Spring once again returns to the Snowhead region.