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The Deku Palace is a location in Majora's Mask. It is the home of the Deku Scrub race, and is located in the deeper section of Southern Swamp, in the Woodfall region of Termina.[1] The Palace is heavily guarded by the Deku Palace Guards and only Deku Scrubs are able to access this location. The fact Deku Link is only allowed to enter at the punishment of the Monkey, may mean that only specific Deku Scrubs are allowed to enter the palace grounds.[2]


Link first comes across the Deku Palace when he visits the region of Woodfall. Due to a Big Octo blocking the path, the deeper region of the swamp is blocked and off limits. Link must help Twinrova in finding her sister, Koume.[3] Link is guided through the Woods of Mystery by a Monkey. The hero in green then comes across an injured Koume. After obtaining a Red Potion procured by her sister, Kotake, this resotres her vitality.[4] A now revived Koume returns to her post in the Swamp Tourist Center, were she runs boat tours. As a thanks, Koume offers Link a free boat ride through the Swamp and the boat clears the Big Octo that was previously blocking the path.[5] This allows Link to proceed to the heavily protected Deku Palace.

A group of monkeys surround Link and explain their plight.[6] One of their kind has been arrested for kidnapping the Deku Princess although he is not guilty. After entering the Deku King's Chamber, Link is greeted by the Deku King who is planning on punishing the monkey.[7] After speaking to the Monkey Link learns that he must obtain a Magic Bean to be able to gain access to the Monkey's Chamber.[8] Here Link must put on the Deku Mask and use the Deku Flowers to traverse the moving platforms, eventually the hero reaches the inner chamber where the Monkey is imprisoned. He teaches Link the Sonata of Awakening, which is key for him to be able to summon the Woodfall Temple from the swampy waters.[9] This action, however gets him kicked out of the Deku Palace, this prompts the Monkey's punishment to begin.

Upon defeating Odolwa in Woodfall Temple, Link is able to rescue the Deku Princess. After reuniting her with the King, she is very mad at her father for keeping him imprisoned.[10] The King now releases the Monkey free of all charges.



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