Deku Scrub Playground

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Deku Scrub Playground








The Deku Scrub Playground is a location featured in Majora's Mask. It is situated within North Clock Town, where it is found inside a small hollow. The Deku Scrub Playground is home to two Business Scrubs who run a Mini-Game, which involves Deku Link collecting Rupees on several moving platforms.


When Link first enters, he encounters two Business Scrubs who manage the mini-game. To play the mini-game, Link must pay 10 Rupees. This particular mini-game involves using the Deku Mask to collect a certain amount of Rupees, which are situated on each of the moving platforms. The young hero must make use of the Deku Flowers to successfully land on each platform and collect the Rupees. If Link manages to collect all of the Rupees and set a new record, he is gifted with a Purple Rupee. The minigame gets harder every day and if Link manages to set a new record on all three days, then he is gifted with a Piece of Heart.