Fisherman's Island

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Fisherman's Island
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Fisherman's Island is a location in Majora's Mask. It is located within the first area of the region, the Great Bay Coast. It is composed of several small islands and platforms and is run by the local Fisherman. However, due to the murky and unsafe safe waters of the bay, the Fisherman's Jumping Game at that moment in time is closed.

After completion of the Great Bay Temple and after defeating the Gargantuan Masked Fish: Gyorg, peace restores to the waters of the bay. This now means that the Jumping Game is open for business once again.[1]

Piece of Heart

To access the islands, Link must go to the southeast of the bay and take a boat ride up to the island next to the sign.[2] When the boat nears the scattered islands, Link must utilize the Hookshot to hook on to a nearby palm tree. Link must then make his way to the middle island and talk to the Fisherman to play his Jumping Game. This mini-game is composed of Link jumping around to each of the marked platforms, each platform has an unlit touch, once lit, Link must jump to that specific platform.[3] To earn a point, Link must successfully do this within the time limit; however, if Link jumps off the platform, he has to start over.[4] If Link manages to score 20 or higher, he receives a Piece of Heart.[5]


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