Fisherman's Jumping Game

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Fisherman's Jumping Game
Fisherman Jumping Game - MM3D.png
Link playing the jumping game in Majora's Mask 3D






20 Rupees


Jump to the island with a lit torch at least 20 times


The Fisherman's Jumping Game[1] is a mini-game in Majora's Mask at Fisherman's Island in Great Bay Coast.

After Link has completed Great Bay Temple and so purifies the Ocean, the Fisherman starts a Jumping Game aimed at tourists[2] The Jumping Game is open from 7 a.m to 4 p.m[citation needed]. The Fisherman offers Link to play a game for 20 Rupees.[3] To start the game, Link needs to jump to the island in the center.[4] The torches will light on each of the four islands in a specific order.[5] Link needs to jump to the island that has the lit torch before it goes out to get 1 point.[6] If Link gets 20 points or more within two minutes, he will be awarded a Piece of Heart.[7]


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