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Great Bay Coast is one of the main locations within the Great Bay region in Majora's Mask. It's mainly composed of the beach surrounding the coast and the waters in the bay that lead off into other locations within the region. The bay area remains largely deserted due to the murky waters and hot weather conditions, which is said to be the cause of the evil within the Great Bay Temple.[1]


Link is first allowed to enter this region once he has rescued his trust steed, Epona from Romani Ranch, once done so he can jump the barrier to the west of Termina Field and enter the region. The young hero is struck by the largely deserted beach and bay. In the shallow waters of the bay Link stumbles upon an injured Zora, Mikau, who happens to be an important member of The Indigo-Go's music band.[2] The young guitarist asks Link return the missing Zora Eggs, as he previously tried to recover them but failed, he also asks Link to help Lulu.[3][4] Link then plays the Song of Healing and in his final words, Mikau asks Link to carve the song onto his grave.[5] Once done so Link obtains the Zora Mask which houses the spirit of Mikau and he performs the song written on his grave stone.[6][7] This mask gives Link the ability to traverse through the waters of the bay and allows him to earn the trust of the Indigo-Go's.

Link must travel out into the shallow waters of the bay and to the Marine Research Lab, where the Professor is waiting for the missing Zora Eggs to arrive.[8][9] For the Eggs to survive Link must find and place them within the special water tank.[10] To the east side of the bay, Link uncovers a secret entrance leading to the inner chambers of the Pirates' Fortress. Link is able to recover four eggs from this area and return them to the lab. The other three are located in the treacherous waters within Pinnacle Rock. However, Link must first obtain the Seahorse, who wants to return to the waters by Pinnacle Rock.[11] To do so he must take a picture of a Gerudo Pirate and show it to the Fisherman inside his Hut.[12] When releasing the Sea Horse, Link can simply fools it's lead safely through the murky waters.[13] Once Link has returned the seven eggs he must wait one to three days in order for them to hatch.[14] Once hatched the baby Zoras form to make a series of musical notes and Link learns the New Wave Bossa Nova, which he can use to gain entry to the Great Bay Temple.

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