Swordsman's School

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Swordsman's School
Interior of the Swordsman's School







The Swordsman's School is a business found in West Clock Town in Majora's Mask. It is always open and is situated next to the Post Office. Link can train his sword skills here.[1] After midnight on the Final Day, Link can find the Swordsman cowering in the back of the school fearing probable death.[2]


There are 2 courses at the school — The Novice and the Expert Course.[3]

Novice Course

The Novice Course costs 1 Rupee. The Swordsman tells Link about certain basic combat techniques, like rolling and jump attacks.

Expert Course

The Expert Course costs 10 Rupees. This is a challenge where Link must cut down 10 logs using jump attacks, to get a perfect score of 30 (three points each). All other attacks are rewarded with one or two points only. After completing this, the impressed Swordsman gives a Piece of Heart to Link.[4][5]



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