Lone Peak Shrine

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Lone Peak Shrine

Lone Peak Shrine is a location in Majora's Mask. It is located towards the southern section of the Goron Village and the Shrine seems to be suspended in mid-air.[1] It is reachable by crossing a series of hidden platforms. The Shrine itself is rather small and contains the Lens of Truth.


In Majora's Mask, Link first enters the region of Snowhead to save one of the Four Giants. Link comes across Goron Village, which is vastly deserted due to the region being held up in Winter, when in fact it is meant to be Spring. Upon entering the village, most Gorons are found staying in Goron Shrine due to the harsh weather. However, there appears to be a floating island off into the distance. It is here where Link encounters Kaepora Gaebora and he tells Link to follow his path.[2] Link traverses across hidden platforms to reach the Shrine. Link finds a Treasure Chest that contains the Lens of Truth.

Link uses this item to reveal the hidden platforms, safely making his way back to the village. Furthermore, Link can use the Lens of Truth to spot the spirit of Darmani. The spirit leads Link to the Goron Graveyard, where he receives the Goron Mask.


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