Stone Tower

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Stone Tower
Exterior view of the Stone Tower




Not to be confused with the Stone Tower Temple

Stone Tower is a location featured within the final region, Ikana, in Majora's Mask. More specifically, the structure can be accessed in the north-east section of the abandoned village at Ikana Canyon. The exterior is made up of three very large stone structures that tower over the canyon and can be seen from many viewpoints in Termina. The inside of the tower holds an endless chasm and hundreds of boulders that constantly fall, making scaling to the top very dangerous. Stone Tower's main purpose is to connect the Ikana Canyon to the fourth dungeon in the game, the Stone Tower Temple.


Link first encounters this area while navigating his way through the barren wastelands of Ikana Canyon. Before being able to ascend the tower, Link must traverse his way through the Ancient Castle of Ikana. Inside these cursed grounds, Link meets and battles with the once great King of the region, Igos du Ikana. After lifting the curse set on him, Igos teaches the young hero a sacred song known as the "Elegy of Emptiness". This song allows Link to create a lifeless shell of himself and is pivotal in enabling him to scale the treacherous tower.

When he first enters the interior of the tower, Link notices several puzzling platforms that lead up to the peak. Link must use of the Elegy of Emptiness to create a lifeless shell of himself. While in different forms, Link can create several shells and use them to simultaneously press switches. These switches are key in allowing Link to ascend the tower and in order to do so, Link must press them in specific order. The young hero must also make use of his Hookshot and dodge the several falling boulders, in which he reaches the top. At the peak of the tower, Link enters the ever puzzling Stone Tower Temple. After obtaining the Light Arrows, Link must make his way back outside to Stone Tower and shoot the switch, this flips the entire temple and subsequently allows Link to reach the dungeon boss.