Beneath the Well

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Beneath the Well
Well Entrance - MM64.png
The Main Entrance to the Well





Beneath the Well, also referred to as the Empty Well, is a location in Majora's Mask. It is the only way Link can access Ancient Castle of Ikana without the Mirror Shield. The inside of the well centers around the premise of finding items for Gibdos that guard certain doorways. Completion requires the Gibdo Mask, five Magic Beans that must be purchased at the Deku Palace, a Blue Potion, and at least one Bottle that should already have been obtained from the Zora Egg quest in Great Bay. All other items, listed below, may be purchased ahead of time for convenience but can be obtained at specific places within the well.

For easier reference, a table has been listed showing each Gibdo's request as well as quantity needed. A link to the Text Walkthrough is also provided.

Gibdo Location Item Requested Location Found Note(s)
Room A Blue Potion Purchased Elsewhere Optional, but obtaining further items might require leaving the well.
Room A Magic Bean (N64: ×5) Deku Palace Required To Complete
Room B Fish Room B
Room B Hot Spring Water (3DS: Spring Water) Room B
Room C Bug Room C Optional, Leads to a Fairy Fountain
Room C Bug Room C
Room G Fish Room B
Room G Deku Nut (N64: ×10) Room F
Room E Hot Spring Water Room D
Room E Bomb ×10 Room C
Room F Bug Room C
Room F Big Poe "Square shaped room" Big Poe does respawn
Room H Milk "Room furthest right" Use Epona's Song or purchase elsewhere.