Curiosity Shop

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Curiosity Shop

The Curiosity Shop is a location found exclusively in Majora's Mask. The Shop is situated within West Clock Town. Within, Link is able to purchase and sell[1] a range of items,[2] generally acquired through loot retrieved by Takkuri.[3] The shop opens at 10 p.m. and closes around dawn.

Kafei uses the Curiosity Shop Back Room as a hiding zone as he endeavors to think of how to recover the Wedding Ceremony Mask intended for Anju stolen by Sakon.

Link can purchase these commodities from the shop at these prices:

Item Price
Cool Bottle (Bottle) 50 Rupees
Good Sword (Kokiri Sword) 50 Rupees
Good Sword (Razor Sword) 50 Rupees
Good Sword (Gilded Sword) 50 Rupees
Nice Sword (Great Fairy's Sword) 100 Rupees
Big Bomb Bag 100 Rupees
All-Night Mask 500 Rupees

♥ — Only if previously stolen from Link by Takkuri in the same cycle.
♦ — Only on the Final Night if Sakon is not stopped on the First Night.
♠ — Only on the Final Night if Sakon is stopped on the First Night.

The shop will purchase these commodities from Link at these prices:

Item Purchase Price
Mushroom 5 Rupees
Milk (1/2) 5 Rupees
Fish 20 Rupees
Bug 20 Rupees
Fairy 20 Rupees
Milk 20 Rupees
Red Potion 20 Rupees
Green Potion 20 Rupees
Blue Potion 20 Rupees
Spring Water 20 Rupees
Hot Spring Water 20 Rupees
Zora Egg 20 Rupees
Poe 50 Rupees
Big Poe 200 Rupees
Chateau Romani 200 Rupees
Gold Dust 200 Rupees


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