Deku Flower

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Deku Flower
Deku Flower.png
Deku Flower in Majora's Mask



All over Termina


So Deku Link can cross gaps


The Deku Flower is a large pink flower that appears in Majora's Mask. Deku Link uses it to solve many of the game puzzles and cross gaps and other hindrances. When Deku Link squeezes into the flower and launches, he flies with two pink flower helicopters for a brief moment until he falls.

It also has other uses such as defeating Snappers located in the Woodfall region of Termina, reaching the top of the Clock Tower on the Final Day, and as a defense against various enemies. There is also a yellow Deku Flower, which is frequently used by the Business Scrubs. If Deku Link gives them anything they want, they will instantly fly away, so that Link can use it. The yellow Deku Flower gives Link the ability of flying at a farther distance.


The Deku Flower is located in every region of the game, and can also be found in the Lost Woods at the beginning of Majora's Mask. These large flowers can be found in Termina Field and Clock Town as well.