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Boko Bulb




Launch Link Upwards
Regenerative Magic Meter

Boko Bulbs are objects that appear in The Wind Waker.


Boko Bulbs are objects that first appear inside of the Forest Haven. Link can jump into a Boko Bulb, at which point it will build up energy and then launch Link upwards. After meeting the Great Deku Tree, Link will need to use a series of Boko Bulbs to climb up the Forest Haven and reach the Deku Leaf.

Once Link acquires the Deku Leaf and now has a Magic Meter, the Boko Bulbs also serve as a way of regenerating some of Link's magic. Each time Link jumps into a bulb, he will regenerate some magic.

Boko Bulbs are commonly found throughout the Forbidden Woods and are often required to traverse some of the rooms. In many cases after Link defeat a Boko Baba, a Boko Bulb will be left beind, allowing Link to use it.