Blast Bloom

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Blast Bloom
Blast Bloom in Horon Village




During Spring, Link can use this Plant to shoot himself upward


Blast Blooms are objects in Oracle of Seasons.

Oracle of Seasons


During Winter, Summer, and Autumn, the Blast Blooms will just appear as small buds and serve no purpose. During the Spring, these rare flowers will bloom and can be used to launch Link up to a higher platform.

When Link first enters Horon Village for the first time, there is a Blast Bloom bud right at village entrance from North Horon. During Spring, a young child can be seen playing with the Blast Bloom and if Link speaks to him, he can learn about how it operates. [1][2][3]


There are six locations throughout Holodrum where Link will find Blast Blooms. Some of them, such as the initial location found in Horon Village, do not actually assist Link on his quest.




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  2. "Now it's just a bud, but it'll be a huge flower in spring. If you climb on that flower... I can't wait!" — Horon Village Child, Oracle of Seasons.
  3. "This flower is cool! In spring, it shoots you into the air!" — Horon Village Child, Oracle of Seasons.