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Autumn, also referred to as Fall, is one of the four seasons featured in The Legend of Zelda series. It is characterized by fallen leaves from trees, and by its light brownish color. The Autumn season is featured in two Zelda titles.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, the four seasons have been thrown in chaos by General Onox and the Temple of Seasons has fallen into Subrosia. Several regions throughout the land of Holodrum will have Autumn as its default season. During Autumn, leaves have fallen on the ground, often filling small holes which will allow Link to walk by them.

Additionally, Autumn is when Rock Mushrooms will bloom. In Winter, Spring, and Summer, these Rock Mushrooms have yet to bloom and will server as barriers, preventing Link from passing. However, in Autumn, these mushrooms can be lifted using the Power Bracelet. This often leads to Link being able to reach previously unreachable Treasure Chests, Caves, and even the fifth dungeon of the game, Unicorn's Cave.

The Eastern Suburbs and Spool Swamp both have Autumn as its primary season. Parts of the Woods of Winter, Holodrum Plain, and Tarm Ruins will have Autumn as its primary season. In order to change the season of a given region in the game Link must use the Rod of Seasons on top of a season changing stump to change it to the desired season.

Twilight Princess

The four seasons rotate every time Link visits Hena's Fishing Hole.