Mt. Cucco

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Mt. Cucco is a location in Oracle of Seasons. It is located north of the Sunken City and east of the Goron Mountain. There are a series of caves on Mt. Cucco, and the Dancing Dragon Dungeon is also located on top of the mountain. Link can first go to this area through an underwater passage, which is found in Sunken City. He can also go to this area by going east on the Goron Mountain.

On the lower part of the mountain Link can find Moosh; he is trying to find a way to get the Spring Banana. If Link gets the Spring Banana for Moosh he is allowed to ride on his back.

In one of the caves, Link can find the Lonely Goron. If Link talks to this Goron, he gives him the L-2 Ring Box, as a gift for visiting him.

Link can obtain a Piece of Heart and the Pyramid Jewel once he has made it up to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon; here he can jump down onto a small ledge to obtain the Piece of Heart. And next to the entrance of the dungeon Link can dive down into an underwater passage, leading to the Pyramid Jewel.

This location also plays a part in the trading sequence. In a cave on top of the mountain, Link can find Talon sleeping.[1] Link is then given the option of waking him with the Megaphone.[2] After being startled awake, Talon says something about sleeping through winter, and then says he is going to take the Megaphone if Link doesn't need.[3] Fortunately, he offers Link the Mushroom in exchange.[3] Link can later use the Mushroom to acquire the Wooden Bird.



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