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Horon Village is the largest town and one of the central hubs within Oracle of Seasons. Much like Lynna City and Lynna Village from Oracle of Ages, a bulk of the population lives in this central town. Link will travel through Horon Village early on in his quest and will return often as he visits important locations including the Maku Tree and Vasu Jewelers. The seasons of Horon Village are in whack, causing stress on many of the villagers.[1][2][3]


Horon Village can be found at the southern portion of Holodrum and is one of the first locations that Link will travel to on his journey. Link first enters the village from North Horon, located just to the north of the Village, as its name suggests. There are two other entrances to Horon Village. To the West, Link will find the Western Coast, and to the East, Link can reach the Eastern Suburbs.


Horon Village Fountain

Link first visits Horon Village at the very start of his journey, shortly after Din has been captured by Onox. Impa will send Link to the village to meet with the Maku Tree.[4] Once Link arrives in town, he can speak with the townsfolk, but they do not recognize Link. However, they will point Link in the direction of the Maku Tree.[5] When Link tries to visit the Maku Tree, the gate is closed. The sign in front indicates that Link must first show courage before he can meet the Maku Tree.[6] Link can show his courage by acquiring the Wooden Sword from the Hero's Cave at the Western Coast.

During Link's first journey through the town, many of the villagers will assist him along his way by giving him clues. The man near the Tree Stump and the Painter both advise Link about acquiring a Sword, with the Painter mentioning the Hero's Cave to the west.[7][8]

Horon Village is completely free of any enemies, which allows the residents of the Village the roam freely throughout, without having to be worried about being attacked.[9] At the center of the village, a Water Fountain can be found. Right next to the fountain itself Link will find a Painter. Unlike the majority of residents of Horon Village, the Painter will stay put at his location regardless of the changing seasons.[10]

Just south of the Water Fountain and the Painter, Link will find the lone Tree Stump located in Horon Village. Next to the stump, the man will explain that seasons of Horon Village have run amuck.[11] Link can use the Rod of Seasons on this particular Tree Stump to change the season. However, Link can alternatively just leave and re-enter the Village, as the seasons will constantly change each time Link reenters the Village.

Next to the Tree Stump, Link fill find a staircase that leads to a Portal that takes him to the land of Subrosia. Link will first need to travel to the House of Pirates within Subrosia before he can hit the lever inside this cave, making for easy navigation between Horon Village and Subrosia.

At the southwest corner of the village, just west of Bipin and Blossom's house, Link will find a Treasure Chest in the distance. The pathway to the treasure chest is blocked off in all seasons, but if Link comes here in Autumn, Rock Mushrooms block his pathway. After acquiring the Power Bracelet from Snake's Remains, Link can pick up these mushrooms. The treasure chest contains 20 Rupees.

One screen South of Vasu Jewelers, Link will find a Mystical Tree that grows Ember Seeds. Unlike in Oracle of Ages, Mystical Trees will only grow certain seeds during certain months. Ember Seeds can only be grown during Winter. Link will need to first acquire the Seed Satchel from the Gnarled Root Dungeon before he can carry Ember Seeds. If Link tries to grab them beforehand, he will burn himself.[12] The Mystical Tree also serves as a warp point. Once Link acquires Gale Seeds later in his quest, he can warp to any Mystical Tree that he has uncovered.

The exit at the east portion of Horon Village, leading to the Eastern Suburbs is initially blocked off by some trees. After Link has acquired the Ember Seeds from the Gnarled Root Dungeon, he will be able to burn these trees down. Link will meet up with Sokra, the traveling prophet who tells Link that his next destination is at the Temple of Seasons.[13]

At the North end of town, near the exit that leads to North Horon, Link will find a young child that talks about the Blast Bloom flower. During Spring the boy can be seen playing with the flower, while he stands near it in the Summer and Autumn.[14][15][16]

Just west of the young child, Link will find a woman who farms the land regardless of the season. Early on in the quest she will complain about the weather conditions in Horon Village, but later on, she will give Link some tips concerning Magical Rings.[17]

Horon Village is filled with a variety of shops and residential homes, almost all of which are accessible the very first time Link enters the Village.

Know-It-All Birds

Main article: Know-It-All Birds

The Know-It-All Birds home can be found at the further northwest corner of Horon Village. Inside Link will find 10 Birds that will give Link advice on how to use his basic weapons, as well as information on the changing seasons and the Essences of Nature.

Advance Shop

Main article: Advance Shop

The Advance Shop is located right next door to the Know-It-All Birds home. As its name suggests, this shop is only accessible if Link is playing using the Game Boy Advance. If a Game Boy Color is used, this shop will remain closed. The store is run by Stockwell and he will sell three items for 100 Rupees a piece. These include a Gasha Seed and two Seed Rings. One of the rings is referred to as the Advance Ring and will be appraised as the GBA Nature Ring.

Horon Village Shop

Main article: Horon Village Shop

The Horon Village Shop is the main shop featured in Oracle of Seasons. Link can purchase a variety of goods, including Bombs, Gasha Seeds, a Wooden Shield, the Iron Shield, the Mirror Shield, and Recovery Hearts. After Link completes Snake's Remains and before he travels deeper into North Horon, the Shop will also sell a Strange Flute, which will become Moosh's Flute. However, if Link previously acquires the Strange Flute from the Subrosian Dance Hall, this Flute will not be for sale. After Link acquires the Member's Card he can reach the Basement shop, where he can purchase a Seed Satchel upgrade and the Treasure Map.

Treasure Chest Game

Main article: Treasure Chest Game

After all the items have been purchased from the Basement of the Horon Village Shop, the room will transform into the Treasure Chest Game. Link can play this game to win Rupees and rare Magical Rings.

Clock Shop

Main article: Clock Shop

In the center part of town, Link will find the Clock Shop. Despite it being referred to as the Clock Shop, Link cannot purchase any items. Instead, its primary purpose is related to the Trading Sequence. After Link acquires the Wooden Bird, he can trade it to Tick Tock and he will get the Engine Grease in return. Behind the Clock Shop, Link can use his Shovel to dig up a secret staircase. This leads to an empty room, but if Link is playing a Linked Game, he can encounter an Old Man.

Vasu Jewelers

Main article: Vasu Jewelers

Vasu Jewelers is run by Vasu and is where Link first acquires his Ring Box. Link can return to Vasu at anytime to appraise any of his Seed Rings and have them transformed into Magical Rings. Link can also speak with the Blue Snaketo transfer rings via a Game Link Cable or to use the Fortune Link feature. The Red Snake can be used to transfer rings via a Ring Secret.

Bipin and Blossom's House

Bipin and Blossom's House
Main article: Bipin's and Blossom's House

At the southwest portion of Horon Village, Link will find Bipin's and Blossom's House. Link can travel to this house throughout his quest and can help Bipin and Blossom make decisions concerning their Child. The decisions will have an effect on what type of person the child becomes.

Mayor's House

Main article: Mayor Ruul

Ruul is the Mayor of Horon Village and his house can be found at the northeastern portion of Horon Village. The Mayor has interest in Gasha Seeds and will give him one when he first arrives at his house. After blowing up the wall on the right side of the house, Link can find a second Gasha Seed. Just outside of the Mayor's House, Link will find the lone Soft Soil location in Horon Village.[18]

Dr. Left's House

Main article: Dr. Left

Dr. Left's House is located at the southeast corner of the Village. After Link has acquires Ember Seeds, he can light the Torch in Dr. Left's house. Dr. Left will thank Link and award him with the Cuccodex, the first item in the Trading Sequence. Link can bomb the east wall to get to the east half of the house. Outside, if the season is Winter, Link can cross the frozen water to reach a treasure chest containing some rupees.

Maku Tree

Main article: Maku Tree

The Maku Tree can be found at the northast corner of Horon Village. In order to gain access to the Maku Tree, Link must first acquire the Wooden Sword from the Hero's Cave, located just west of the Village along the Western Coast. When Link first meets the Maku Tree, the tree is much smaller than its normal state. As Link begins to acquire some of Essences of Nature, the Maku Tree will begin to grow and flourish. As it grows, an entrance will open to the inside of the Maku Tree, where Link will find Farore and the Hall of Secrets. Throughout Link's quest, the Maku Tree speaks to him telepathically, advising him on where to go.

Linked Game

In a Linked Game, there are some additional characters to meet, as well as some additional objectives. In a Linked Game, after Link meets with the Maku Tree, a girl will appear near the water fountain at the center part of town. Link can speak with her to learn the Fairy Secret, which he can then tell to the Blue Prankster Fairy in the Fairies' Woods in Oracle of Ages. This leads Link to acquiring a full Heart Container.



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