Subrosian Dance Hall

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Subrosian Dance Hall

The Subrosian Dance Hall is a location in Oracle of Seasons. It is where the Subrosian Dance mini-game is found. It is located south of the Subrosian Hot Springs in Subrosian Volcanoes. The Subrosian dance instructor will allow Link to practice dancing with them. In order for Link to win, he must stay with the tempo and should not run into the other dancers. But if a single move is missed, Link will be thrown out of the room, and will have to start over. Also, each time Link wins the mini-game, the tempo will speed up next time, increasing difficulty of the mini-game.

If Link is able to do all of their moves without bumping into someone, the instructor will reward Link with many prizes. If Link wins the mini-game for the first time, he will be rewarded with the Boomerang. If Link wins the mini-game again, he is rewarded with the Strange Flute that later becomes Dimitri's Flute if he hasn't already obtained it. Afterwards, he will be rewarded with either a Gasha Seed, a Seed Ring, or some Ore Chunks.