Subrosian Hot Springs

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Subrosian Hot Springs
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Source Chaude Subrosienne (Subrosian Hot Spring)
Spain Español Balneario Subrosio (Subrosian Spa)
Germany Deutsch Subrosias Heiße Quellen (Subrosian Hot Springs)
Italy Italiana Sorgenti Subrosiane (Subrosian Springs)

The Subrosian Hot Springs[1] are a location found within Oracle of Seasons. It is located in northern Subrosia in the mountainous region of Subrosian Volcanoes, just north of the Subrosian Dance Hall and northeast of the Subrosian Smithy. Near by, two portals can be found next to the spring, one portal being northeast that leads to the Woods of Winter and another one being directly west that leads to the Temple Remains. Like most of Subrosia, the Subrosian Hot Springs contain great lava that is used for lava baths.[2] The lava forming the spring is fed from the three volcanoes above the spring. Nearby, a hole blocks the way from the west side of Subrosian Volcanoes. Also, a sign is found to the east of the spring to tell passers-by that the Subrosian Dance Hall is south and that they have found the Subrosian Hot Springs.[3] In the hot spring, three Subrosians are bathing in the lava. While Link can not talk to the two Subrosians closest to the lava fall, he can talk to the one at the corner of the lava, telling Link that a lava bath is the best thing after practicing the Subrosian Dance.[2]

When Link first comes to Subrosia to get the Rod of Seasons, he has to go through the Subrosian Hot Springs to get to the Subrosian Dance Hall as the Dance Hall is only accessible through the spring. Once Link has obtained the Roc's Feather, he can access other parts of Subrosian Volcanoes by jumping over the hole in the spring blocking the way.


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