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All wear hoods and only their eyes are visible; use Ore Chunks as currency rather than the "traditional" Rupee of Holodrum; have an acute love for lava.



The Subrosians are a race exclusively featured in Oracle of Seasons and in the Linked Game of Oracle of Ages. They live in the subterranean lava land of Subrosia, located directly underneath the seasonal land of Holodrum. Before the events of the game, life for the race was relatively simple. Once General Onox captured the Oracle of Seasons, Din, a large building apparently called the Temple of Seasons had sunken from the world above to Subrosia, destroying the East Plaza and causing many violent eruptions within the underground volcanoes.


Unlike any other establishment in the game, the Subrosians do not use the traditional Rupee; they take to using the Ore Chunk as their method of driving the economy. However, aside from that, some Subrosians also make use of a bartering system -- some, for example, will trade Mystical Seeds for their current stock, and others even make use of Bombs.


Green-Subrosian-Animated.gif Red-Subrosian-Animated.gif Blue-Subrosian-Animated.gif The Subrosians, perhaps due to the nature of their native homeland, prefer to do activities that are considerably unusual. For example, there is a distinct love for "lava bathing", which is nothing more than taking a bath in lava. The Subrosians do take to dancing in the Subrosian Dance Hall, but they dance particularly faster than others do.

Oracle of Ages


The Subrosians are a race of cloaked beings who come from the subterranean land of Subrosia, located underneath Holodrum. They will only appear in Labrynna if Link has already completed his quest in Holodrum first. Then, they can be found at the Goron Dance Hall. Here, they will replace the group of Gorons who dance in with Link and the Graceful Goron in the Present.

The fact that the Subrosians show up at the Goron Dance Hall, of all places, is not so out of the ordinary as it may seem. The Subrosians themselves have a dance hall of their own in Subrosia, and claim to have a great appreciation for the Goron dancers in Labrynna.