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Fairies' Woods




Points of

Destroyed Wing Dungeon


The Fairies' Woods, also referred to as the Western Woods[1], is a location found within the Present of Oracle of Ages.


The Woods are located southwest of Lynna City and are only accessible after Link has acquired the Power Bracelet from Spirit's Grave. The Woods are only found in the Present, as its Past equivalent is the Deku Forest. Link will briefly travel through both the Nuun Highlands and Talus Peaks when entering the Forest.


When Link first enters the Fairies' Woods, he will quickly meet up with the Prankster Fairies. These mischievous fairies have rearranged the forest and turned it into a game of Hide n' Seek. The Woods share many characteristics of the Lost Woods from several other Zelda titles. The Forest is not in a particular order and the screens represent a maze, where Link must go in specific directions to reach particular areas of the Woods. From where Link first encounters the Prankster Fairies, he can reach the three fairies by going in the following directions.

  • Blue Fairy – Walk Up, Down, Up, and then lift the rock to find the first fairy. Walk to the right to get back to the starting point.
  • Red Fairy – Walk Right, then Left, and slash the bush at the bottom-left to find the second fairy. Walk to the right to get back to the starting point.
  • Orange Fairy – Walk Right, then Down, and slash the bottom bush to find the third fairy.
Outside Wing Dungeon

When all three Prankster Fairies have been found, they will set the Woods back in order, allowing Link to gain access to the Wing Dungeon located just to the east. However, when Link goes to enter the dungeon, it will collapse to the ground. Link will then be contacted by the Maku Tree, who suggests heading to Nayru's House for help.[2] Link will acquire the Harp of Ages, along with the Tune of Echoes. In order to progress further, Link will need to use the harp and head to the Deku Forest in the Past, where the Wing Dungeon still stands sturdy.

Later in his quest, after completing the Moonlit Grotto and returning to Lynna City, Link makes his way to the Nuun Highlands where he will once again encounter one of the Prankster Fairies. One of Link's Animal Companions has been lost within the Fairies' Woods while playing Hide N' Seek with the Prankster Fairies, making Link having to find his animal companion. Once Link reenters the Woods, he will need to follow the fairy to where he previously played Hide N' Seek with the Prankster Fairies. In order to find his animal companion, he will need to go down, up, down, and up a screen. Once Link has found his animal companion, he'll be taken back to the outside of the forest. The animal companion that Link finds will be dependent on whether he has acquired a Strange Flute and which one he got.

There is a Treasure Chest at the east end of the Fairies' Woods that can be accessed from the southeast corner of the Woods. Link will need Roc's Feather to jump over to this treasure chest and he can open it to get 50 Rupees.


The Fairies' Woods are only found in the Present. If Link journeys to the Past, the Deku Forest takes place of the Fairies' Woods. It is unclear what has caused the change in the landscape over time, as the Deku Forest has been pits and underground caverns, and is also filled with a number of enemies. However, the location of the Wing Dungeon has remained unchanged. Its name however, is referred to as the Ancient Temple in the Present, as opposed to the Wing Dungeon in the Past.


The east portion of the Fairies' Woods is filled with Octoroks as well as a few Red Moblins. The west portion of the Fairies' Woods is free of any enemies.



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