Deku Forest (Oracle of Ages)

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The Deku Forest is the past location of the present Fairies' Woods in Oracle of Ages overworld. When the Wing Dungeon in Fairies' Woods crumbles, the Maku Tree suggests that Link go back in time, when the dungeon still stood. Doing this, he finds himself in the Deku Forest.

Ember Seeds and a Power Bracelet are required in order to traverse the area. The Roc's Feather also makes avoiding the numerous chasms easier. There are several points of interest including the Mystery Tree, a Piece of Heart obtained through burning a path using the Ember Seeds, and a cave with a Treasure Chest containing a Gasha Seed.

There are three Business Scrubs located in the Deku Forest. The deeper he walks through the area, the cheaper the prices for the Shields sold by the Business Scrubs.

If playing through the Linked Game, a fourth Business Scrub will direct Link to the Deku Secret.