Deku Secret

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Deku Secret


Complete Spirit's Grave
Acquire Harp of Ages

Learned from


Told to

Natzu Deku Scrub in the Natzu Region.



Seed Satchel Capacity Upgrade


The Deku Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Ages used within Oracle of Seasons. Link will first need to complete Oracle of Seasons and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Ages.

Learn the Secret

At the far west end of the Deku Forest, one screen south of the Mystery Seed tree, Link will find a Business Scrub. In a linked Game, a Deku Scrub will also be found here. The Deku Scrub is singing a song and wants to know if Link wants to hear the rest.[1] The Scrub will then tell Link a Secret.[2]. The Deku Scrub then tells Link to meet another Deku Scrub, just west of Sunken City in Holodrum. The scrub found there also loves the song.[3]

Tell the Secret

The Deku Scrub in Holodrum is found in the Natzu region. Depending on what animal companion Link has with him, the area will either be the Natzu Prairie, Natzu Wasteland, or Natzu River. In all three cases, there is a cave in the eastern portion of the Natzu region where a Deku Scrub can be found. The Deku Scrub here has forgotten the lyrics to the song Love the Seed and asks Link if he remembers them?[4] Link is able to then tell the Deku Scrub a secret, causing him to remember the remainder of the song.[5]


The reward for telling the secret is Link will get an upgraded Seed Satchel. This will increase Link's satchel capacity from 20 to 50 seeds. If Link already acquired the first seed satchel upgrade, this will increase the capacity from 50 to 99 seeds. In order to get the seed upgrade though, Link's seed satchel must be completely filled with seeds.[6] If Link needs to fill his satchel quickly, he can climb Holodrum's Maku Tree. Inside there are locations with bushes that have all five types of seeds.[7] After getting the reward, the scrub will give Link a password to take back to Labrynna.[8]

Return to Farore within Labrynna's Maku Tree and tell her the secret. This will increase Link's satchel capacity in Oracle of Ages.



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