Natzu Prairie

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Natzu Prairie
Natzu Prairie during Spring.


Natural Season



Seed Satchel Upgrade


Natzu Prairie is one of the three possible landscapes of Natzu in Oracle of Seasons. The region of Natzu will vary, depending on which Animal Companion Link has acquired. Natzu Prairie will only exist if Link has Ricky as a companion. If Link has Dimitri, there are will be the Natzu River. With Moosh, it will be the Natzu Wasteland.


The Natzu Prairie covers a large amount of land in the center part of Holodrum. To the South, it borders North Horon, Eyeglass Lake, and a small portion of the Holodrum Plain. To the west and north lies the Temple Remains. Also to the north, the Goron Mountain can be found. To the east, Link will find Moblin's Keep, which Link must travel through to reach the Sunken City. At the northeast corner of the region, a small portion of Natzu Prairie connects with Mt. Cucco.


Natzu Prairie features a grassy landscape filled with hills. The hills are large enough that Link will need to use Ricky's jumping ability to navigate the region. Throughout the region, Link will encounter a number of enemy Buzz Blobs and Like Likes. Ricky's punches are one of the items that can defeat Buzz Blobs without fear of being electrified. In some areas of the Prairie, Ricky can use his Tornado Punch to get rid of bushes that are on the other side of gaps that he must jump over.


Link can initially reach the Natzu Prairie from two different routes. At the northeast corner of North Horon, there is path that leads to the Prairie and Link will need to use Ricky to leap up to the higher ledge. Alternatively, at the northwest corner of North Horon, Link can use Roc's Feather to leap over a small hole and enter the region. At the western portion of Natzu Prairie, Link can hit a switch, extending a bridge to the west that easily connects the region to the Holodrum Plain and the Temple Remains.

Whether Link is traveling through Natzu Prairie, Natzu River, or the Natzu Wasteland, he will encounter three different caves along his journey. The caves are all identical, but their actual locations will vary, depending on which region Link is in.

Near the southwest portion of the Prairie, Link will find an easily accessible cave. Inside, Link will find a Great Fairy that will restore Link's health.[1]

Cave with Deku Scrub.

Near the southeast portion of the Prairie, there is a second cave found near some immovable boulders. Inside, Link will find a Deku Scrub. If Link speaks with the Scrub, he'll find that he loves seeds and also loves singing. If Link agrees that the song he sings is a great song, the Deku Scrub will fill up all of the seeds in Links Seed Satchel.[2]

After Link has learned the Deku Secret from the Deku Scrub found in the Deku Forest within Oracle of Ages, he can return to this cave in Oracle of Seasons. After telling the Deku Scrub in the Natzu region the Deku Secret, the Deku Scrub will upgrade the carrying capacity of Link's Seed Satchel. The upgrade will boost Link's carrying capacity to 50 seeds or 99 seeds, depending on whether he has acquired the first upgrade.

The third cave in the Natzu region does not differ, regardless of which terrain of Natzu is present. This cave is located on a narrow strip of land at the base of Goron Mountain. Link will need to swim over to this small area of land to access the cave. Inside, Link can cross a trio of moving platforms to reach a Treasure Chest that contains 50 Rupees.





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